Welcome to Hanne Christina Site

I have built this site to share with other interested persons the history, the technology (luckily not much) and the fate of Hanne Christina, a ketch designed by William Garden.
When I sail around I meet quite a number of people interested in the boat and many turning their heads and giving us enthusiastic comments about her.
Hanne Christina is from 1975, she is in very good shape and she is kept very fit. She keeps me busy a good portion of my free time both by sailing and by working on her.
I am the third owner of the boat and I know both previous owners, with whom I still have contacts.
She has crossed the Atlantic twice and lived some years in the Caribbean. We regularly race her at classic boats events such as Vele d'Epoca (Italy) Regates Royales (Cannes) and more…
For this reason Hanne Christina has a CIM (Comité Internationale de la Mediterranée ) certificate for classic boats races.

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